Aluminium doors and windows installer Johannesburg 

We have over 10 years experience installing aluminium doors and windows in Johannesburg 


Our services include supplying and installing aluminium windows and doors, balustrades, frameless showers and customised aluminium products and glass galzing.

We also do replacement of wooden frames with aluminium or steel fames with aluminium.

Installing aluminium can save you money in the long - run, reduce your maintenance, is durable and as a durable option for windows and doors. 







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Entrust your next aluminium door, window, shower installation

or glazing project to Millennia Projects.

The aluminium and glazing experts. 

You won’t be sorry!


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Services offerred: Aluminum Windows, Aluminum Doors, Aluminum Balustrades, Frameless Showers, Glazing and Aluminum Folding Doors.