Vinyl tinting of glass

Based in Johannesburg, we do vinyl tinting of glass for retail, shops, homes and industry in Johannesburg and the surrounds

Vinyl tinting of glass has become exceedingly popular in South Africa, with good reason. Ultra-violet (UV) protection from the sun is something more and more people request, in order to minimise damage under the harsh South African sun.

Millennia Projects proudly offers our clients a superior product in the vinyl tinting of glass. The products we apply, are guaranteed not to blister, bubble, peel or fade more than 15% over a 5-year period from the recorded date of purchase. Should failure be proven, our guarantee offers ‘full replacement’ of the vinyl.

Vinyl tinting of glass benefits

-          Privacy is enhanced when the vinyl tinting of glass is undertaken

-          Furniture and carpets are protected from fading as a result of direct exposure to sunlight

-          Vinyl tinting of glass offers protection from the damage caused by UV and infrared rays

-          Superior protection offered against wind, storms, rain and severe weather conditions

-          Vinyl tinting of glass offers resistance to shattering

-          Significant heat control is achieved

-          Tinted glass enhances the aesthetics of a building

-          High quality vinyl prevents the fragmentation of glass

-          Deters intruders thanks to its anti-smash ‘n grab properties