Steel to aluminium conversions

Why choose aluminium?

  Aluminium is ideal to use for doors and windows. Aluminium is strong, and it offers optimal safety and security.

  Aluminium is durable and it requires less maintenance than wood.

  Aluminium is resilient against elements.

  Aluminium adds a stylish, contemporary feel to private and public spaces such as homes and offices.

Aluminium is great in:

  Creating a modern look

  Increasing a property's value

 Offering a longer life span

Why convert steel to aluminium?


Steel vs Aluminium
 Steel doors and windows  Aluminium doors and windows
 Require putty which degrades over time  No putty required
 High cost to replace broken window due to glass  and putty being required - increased labour cost  Takes 10 minutes to replace broken glass  - saves money and  time
 Steel is prone to rust  Aluminium does not rust
 Constant maintenance required - sanding and painting  Requires no maintenance


Steel to aluminium conversion














Benefits of aluminium


Aluminium is a robust material and its natural strength provides security to your home and office. Aluminium is resistant to corrosion which ensures that your windows will never rust, warp, twist or expand.

Slim profiles

Its natural strength means that aluminium windows can have really slim frames and hold more glass - meaning bigger windows and more glazing. This quality lends more freedom to the design of aluminium windows, and allows the outdoor views to take centre stage instead of the windows themselves.


Aluminium is a comparatively light material, which makes the operation of aluminium windows - whether you are opening or closing them - a really easy task.

Easy to maintain

Aluminium is notoriously easy to maintain - it doesn’t require any sanding, sealing or painting.

Colour choices

Aluminium windows offer colour versatility so that you can truly customise the look of your home. Millennia Projects range of aluminium windows, for example, is available in durable Silver, Bronze, Charcoal and White powder-coated finishes in standard colour but we can also do many more colours direct from the factory.



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