Glass sliding doors

Professional suppliers and installers glass sliding doors for shops, retail, homes and industry

Millennia Projects uses only the best products in each project, and this glass sliding door series is ideal for domestic applications. It is a reliable sliding door, known for its excellent performance, and it is available in 2-, 3-, 4- or 6-panel configurations. Our clients are immensely satisfied with this choice of glass sliding door.

Features of the glass sliding doors:

-          Choose to add casement window sidelights

-          Accommodates fly screens

-          Easy to install

-          Low maintenance

-          Good thermal U-values of less than 7 W/m2/K

-          Can be secured thanks to various lock options from which to choose


Glazing the glass sliding doors:

-          These glass sliding doors may be glazed using single glazing of up to 6.38 mm laminated safety glass

Gasket and seals for the glass sliding doors:

-          High-quality gaskets and seals are locally available

-          The gasket and seals are reliable as well as affordable


Glass sliding door finish:

-          These glass sliding doors are available in various architectural powder coatings, anodising colours and finishes.


-          All hardware is easy to source locally

-          The glass sliding door hardware is of a superior quality

-          The hardware is suited to coastal conditions



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