Double Glazing for Glass

Supplier and installation of double glazing for glassUnlike most windows and doors that have one layer of glass, double glazing of glass consists of two panes of glass that have been seperated by a layer of air. Millennia Projects isa supplier of double glaze windows and doors in Johannnesburg.


Double glazing of glass installation time frame

On average it can take a day to install double glazed windows or doors, but it depends on the amount of windows and doors are replaced and the size of the property. Installations of double glaze windows or doors depends on the complexity of the job. Replacing windows can be considered as a complex job that requires a trained and skilled professional.


Process of installing a double glaze window or door:

 remove the old window or door

 replace the old with new ones so they can be installed

 after installing the windows or doors time is set aside for trim work and cleanup




 Keeps in warm air - allowing property to be better insulated

 Cheaper electricity bills

 Reduces noise from the outside

 Condensation from inside the windows is reduced

 Double glazed windows are not easily broken - added security




 The cost for installing glazed windows is expensive

 Without proper ventilation, the walls of the property becomes damp especially during winter

 Double glazed windows keep in heat which makes the summer season hotter

 If condensation appears between the two panes it is difficult to repair it - aviod DIY installation