Benefits of aluminium frames


Advantages of installing aluminium windows, aluminium doors, aluminium shower frames:

  • Low maintenance – wood needs regular sanding and revarnishing and can be easily broken.
  • Flexible design
  • Light weight
  • Durable - aluminium doesn’t warp and discolour like wood does
  • Strong, easy to work with
  • Lower carbon footprint, can be recycled
  • In South African heat, aluminium windows are more energy efficient and air tight.
  • Light weight, easy to maintain
  • Aluminium windows are aesthetically pleasant and versatile. Shows off glass
  • Sleek and slim frames
  • Not affected by damp and rain and sunlight.
  • Fire proof and safer
  • With a greater longevity, the aluminium frames are a better choice.

Disadvantages of aluminium windows and doors 

  • Aluminium window and door frames conducts heat and loses heat quickly. It can be cold to touch, which could also be and advantage in SA heat.
  • Over a long period, aluminium could corrode, but far out lives wooden frames.