Aluminium sliding windows


We supply and install aluminium sliding windows as well as replace existing steel and wooden windows if you would like to replace them with the aluminium sliding windows.  In times where security is of the utmost importance, Millennia Projects recommends these secure sliding windows for both residential and commercial projects. Not only do these aluminium windows fit the security brief; they are aesthetically pleasing with their rounded look. They are available in panel configurations of 2, 3, 4 and 6. 

Features of the aluminium sliding windows:

-          Unbeatable, sturdy design for windows of up to 1 800 mm high

-          The anti-corrosive hardware is a winner at the coast

-          Extra security features include the fact that both sliding sashes are lockable

-          No matter which size you require, every sliding panel accommodates a locking mechanism



Glazing the aluminium sliding windows:

-          These aluminium sliding windows are suited to both single and double glazing

-          They can accommodate up to 20 mm of sealed, insulated glass panels 

Gasket and seals for the aluminium sliding windows:

-          All parts are locally available and readily accessible



Aluminium sliding window finish:

-          Choose the finish you want; these aluminium sliding windows are available in various architectural powder coatings, anodising colours and finishes. 


-          The anti-corrosion secret of these aluminium sliding windows is the use of plastic mechanical cleats

-          Double bottom rollers ensure smooth, stick-free operation of the aluminium sliding windows

-          Choose from a variety of secure locking mechanisms.



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